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Search Results: Okinawa Properties
Tue 02 Aug 2016 for 1 nights
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Ensuite Hostel Base Okinawa, Wakasa 1-17-5, Naha City
Dorms From:$15.31
Privates From:$20.41
Ensuite Hostel Base Okinawa
Base Okinawa is an affordable guest house conveniently located in the heart of Naha-city. It is only a mi More Info... »
Okinawa Sora House, 2-24-15 Kumoji
Dorms From:$18.37
Privates From:$35.73
Okinawa Sora House
Why don't you stay and enjoy our brand new hostel in Okinawa! You are always welcome! More Info... »
Okinawa Guest House KERAMA, 3-12-21 Maejima Naha Okinawa
Dorms From:$12.76
Okinawa Guest House KERAMA
Guest House KERAMA is a very new property and it is located in the bustling heart of Naha-City. More Info... »
Guest House Okinawa Monogatari, 2-7-24, Makishi
Dorms From:$26.46
Guest House Okinawa Monogatari
Located right in front of Kokusai Street, only a 1-minute walk from Makishi Monorail Station, Guest House Okinawa Monogatari offers affordable accommodations with complimentary refreshments. More Info... »
Star Capsule Hotel, 2-3-15 West Naha
Dorms From:$30.62
Star Capsule Hotel
Star Capsule Hotel ensures highly security for female, very clean and comfortable capsule hotels for both men or women. More Info... »
Myplace Guest House, Tomari 3-1-8, Naha City
Dorms From:$25.52
Privates From:$30.62
There‚Äôs fully equipped kitchen, strong and hot shower, free PC, TV and two lovely hammock in our common area, you will find out more when you arrive here. More Info... »
Kumoji-So Hostel, 3-23-10-6F Kumoji, Naha City
Dorms From:$22.46
Privates From:$57.16
Kumoji-So Hostel
Kumoji-So Hostel offers travelers a convenient location, modern style rooms, and a comfortable atmosphere More Info... »
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